Why your hours tracking the stock market are better spent in billable hours

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2020 was a tragic year, but if you were rich, and had money to burn, the stock market has — on the whole — been good to you. Basically, if you kept money in the market, and ignored everything else, you likely saw a 15 percent return. Not bad.

But I could do better, right?

After all, we read stories this year of average investors making millions on speculative options bets. Sure, a lot of people lost everything, but they were dumb right? And if you went to college, and get a professional degree, you’re hopefully careful.

Why some are the best at what they do with less than a decade of experience

We call it the practice of law but very few people actually take the kind of deliberate practice required to become the best. If you’re just starting out, you should take comfort that of those who project confidence based on having years of experience really live in fear, because all those years of work hide mediocre performance.

Most lawyers don’t get to practice

One reason most lawyers are average is because they require practice but don’t get a chance to practice in a deliberate manner. Doctors do residencies and fellowships, and work ungodly hours in the course of this work, to gain exposure and case experience…

And it’s going to destroy it’s loyal readership

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People have talked about the fake Medium accounts for some time now. And I can’t find a good answer for it. If we’re trying to support quality writing, it doesn’t help to have a fake user base generating fake news. Quite the opposite, all these fake followers do is to pollute the signals that separate good journalism and writing from bad.

Though I write on this platform, I am primarily a reader. And I had no idea how much fake followers influenced the prominence of articles served to me on the platform…

How America is running out of good paying jobs to support the middle class

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We did it to ourselves. We got married, had kids, and wanted to raise a family. I chose a job with good work hours, she wanted to take an active role in our kids lives and is at home. According to most articles, we should be living a satisfying life.

Life is what you make of it — hogwash

You can argue being homeless in the United States is a satisfying life, say, compared to being a slum dwelling in Mumbai. This is the argument used to stifle complaints from the middle/upper middle class. …

The only digital communication method that plays nice with others

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I’m old enough to remember when you had to pay for an email account. It was that valuable. I used my real name and found a provider that gave me free access, thanks Juno! And suddenly I was spreading the good word.

No, you didn’t need to create an account with my email provider. You gave your email like you gave your phone number. Except I could check your messages anytime with email — I didn’t have to be at mailbox or sitting next to the telephone.

Email disrupted

Because the next…

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Unemployment could reach 20 percent this year.

I only mention this because aside from the loss of life caused by poor planning and response by public officials, we are in for long term harm. Politicians joke that no laws get passed unless someone dies. We had no government coordination to prevent terrorists attacks on U.S. soil prior to 9/11. Now we have the Department of Homeland Security and TSA. We had minimally competent pandemic coordination with COVID-19, and I think we will find lessons that will warrant the creation of a new bureaucratic department.

Our desire to ignore COVID-19 as…

For the record, our country has never been closed.

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Something mysterious has happened over the past several weeks. Strict stay at home orders and social distancing were lifted to ensure a staged and orderly reopening. But what we got instead were stories of packed pool parties and bars.

And I’m ok with that.

Because the failure to adhere to social distancing guidelines was going to happen sooner or later. By happening now, in the way that it has happened, will finally drive home the point that we need to listen to public health experts. When they say socially distance or wear a mask, you better damn well listen.

Socially Distancing does not mean Stay at Home

Many argue we need to stay…

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When a crisis erupts, we want swift, certain action. When we don’t see it, we criticize our leaders.

Are they so dumb for being caught unprepared, or are they incompetent and that’s why they are slow to react?

After we express our collective outrage, leaders feel pressure to show they have a plan, but in a crisis, this leads to less transparency, and in some instances, outright lies.

Giving leaders space to make deliberate and thought out responses can be more important than taking action for the sake of action.

Politicians, like most people, won’t believe a threat they cannot…

What can you say that’s relevant to our relationship?

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Disasters require a response. You need to let your customers know that you have a plan. But sending your customers an email to remind them of online bill payment options — how is that a meaningful response to what is happening right now? How is the message different from the weekly email reminding customers to use mobile banking?

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I am a casual blogger, and perhaps that’s why my law firm ropes me into updating the blog. But that doesn’t seem fair given there are plenty of freelance writers here who can tackle legal developments and write about them without a law degree.

As I wrap up what I hope will be my final contribution to my firm’s law blog, I hope you get the contract. Because the firm used $50,000 of my billable time getting me to write a dozen or so articles and I think you could do a better job.

Get your foot in the door

Law firms are just lawyers. And…

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