Why your hours tracking the stock market are better spent in billable hours

2020 was a tragic year, but if you were rich, and had money to burn, the stock market has — on the whole — been good to you. Basically, if you kept money in the market, and ignored everything else, you likely saw a 15 percent return. Not bad.

But I could do better, right?


For the record, our country has never been closed.

Something mysterious has happened over the past several weeks. Strict stay at home orders and social distancing were lifted to ensure a staged and orderly reopening. But what we got instead were stories of packed pool parties and bars.

And I’m ok with that.

Because the failure to adhere to social distancing guidelines was going…

Farooq Jeelani

Reader, commenter, and writer. Informed by my experiences as a parent, entrepreneur, and attorney.

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